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Also known as the Community and Adherence Sub-study, VOICE C was designed to identify community-based factors and beliefs that may have influenced women’s ability and willingness to follow the daily regimens tested in VOICE. It was conducted in parallel with VOICE at a single site and involved 102 women enrolled in VOICE, as well as 26 male partners, 17 members of the site’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) and 23 community stakeholders, for a total of 164 participants. Its results suggest women didn’t use the products because they worried about their side-effects and the stigma associated with products meant for those infected with HIV; were ambivalent about being in a trial in which they didn’t know whether they’d been assigned to use an active product or placebo; and felt pressure from partners, family and friends.


Behavioral Measures of Product Use Didn’t Measure Up in VOICE HIV Prevention Trial, Report the Study’s Researchers



Fact sheet – The VOICE C and VOICE D Social and Behavioral Research Sub-studies: Looking for answers about adherence and the women in VOICE     



Questions and Answers – VOICE C and VOICE D Social and Behavioral Research Sub-studies of VOICE



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