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A qualitative study to better understand women’s use of the dapivirine ring in both ASPIRE and HOPE and if and how adherence patterns differ between ASPIRE, a placebo-controlled trial, and the HOPE open-label extension trial in which all women were offered the dapivirine ring, yet some chose not to accept it.  MTN-032 was conducted in two parts. Phase I, which reported results in 2018, involved 187 former ASPIRE participants who had been assigned to use the dapivirine ring and who took part in either a focus group or in-depth interview.  Among those Phase I participants who opted to enroll in HOPE, 115 took part in a single in-depth interview in Phase 2, whose results are expected in mid to late 2019.  MTN-032 was conducted at six of the 15 clinical research sites for ASPIRE and HOPE.


After ASPIRE: HOPE and other MTN Studies of the Dapivirine Ring



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