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CHARISMA CHARISMA (HOPE Sub-study) Management Team
Community MTN Community Program Managers MTN Community Resource Working Group MTN Community Working Group
HPTN 035 HPTN 035 Protocol Chairs HPTN 035 Publications Executive Committee
Laboratory Center MTN Flow Cytometry Lab MTN McGowan Lab Personnel MTN Network Lab MTN Network Lab Calls MTN Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Shipments MTN Virology Group
Leadership and Operations Center MTN Administrative Manager MTN Behavioral Research Working Group MTN Biomedical Science Working Group MTN Contraceptive Action Team MTN Contraceptive Action Team Steering Committee MTN Core Pittsburgh Staff MTN CRS Leaders MTN CTU PIs MTN Executive Committee MTN Executive Committee Plus MTN Financial Disclosure Administration MTN in the News MTN Internal Network Calls MTN IRB Renewal Reminder Notifications MTN Leadership MTN Mop Task Force Team MTN MRC Coordinator MTN Network Evaluation Committee MTN Pharmacists MTN Protocol Development Team MTN Protocol Fund Review Committee MTN Protocol Registration MTN Protocol Update MTN Publications Support Team MTN Regulatory Personnel MTN Resistance Queries MTN Site Regulatory MTN Site Suspension MTN Study Operations Group MTN Survey for NEC MTN Web Team MTN-042/MTN-043 Shandukani Site MTN-042/MTN-043 Site Review Committee MTN-FHI Safety Distribution List Tenofovir Development Team
MTN-001 MTN-001 Community Working Group MTN-001 Protocol Team MTN-001 Pub Committee MTN-001 Study Management Team
MTN-002 MTN-002 Management MTN-002 Protocol Team
MTN-003 MTN-003 Community Working Group MTN-003 Investigator Calls MTN-003 Investigators MTN-003 Pharmacists MTN-003 Publication Calls MTN-003 Publication Committee MTN-003 Study Management Team VOICE and ASPIRE CWG Writing Team
MTN-003-P01 MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Management Team MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Protocol Team MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Publication Committee MTN-003-P01 (Wisebag) Site Operations
MTN-003B MTN-003B Protocol Team MTN-003B Study Management Team
MTN-003C MTN-003C Protocol Team MTN-003C Publications Committee MTN-003C Site Operations
MTN-003D MTN-003D Ops MTN-003D Protocol Team Calls List MTN-003D Publication Calls MTN-003D Publication Committee MTN-003D Technical Team
MTN-004 MTN-004 Protocol Team MTN-004 Publication Committee MTN-004 Study Management Team
MTN-005 MTN-005 Protocol Team
MTN-007 MTN-007 Community Working Group MTN-007 Management Team MTN-007 Protocol team MTN-007 Publications Committee
MTN-008 MTN-008 Protocol Team
MTN-009 MTN-009 Management MTN-009 Protocol Team MTN-009 Publication Committee
MTN-011 MTN-011 Protocol Team
MTN-012/IPM 010 MTN-012/IPM 010 Management MTN-012/IPM 010 Protocol Team
MTN-013/IPM 026 MTN-013/IPM 026 Management Team MTN-013/IPM 026 Protocol Team MTN-013/IPM 026 Publications Committee
MTN-014 MTN-014 Management Team MTN-014 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-014 Protocol Team
MTN-015 MTN-015 ACASI Support MTN-015 Clinical Management Team MTN-015 Investigators of Record MTN-015 Management MTN-015 Protocol Deviations MTN-015 Protocol Team MTN-015 Publications Email List
MTN-016 MTN-016 Management Group Team MTN-016 Protocol Deviations MTN-016 Protocol Team MTN-016 Publications Committee MTN-016 Site Team
MTN-017 MTN-017 Community Working Group MTN-017 Management Team MTN-017 Protocol Team MTN-017 Publications Committee MTN-017 Site Investigators MTN-017 Study Coordinators
MTN-020 MTN-020 ACASI Support MTN-020 Accrual, Retention, and Outreach Team MTN-020 Adherence Working Group MTN-020 Community Working Group MTN-020 FDA Audit Planning MTN-020 Investigators of Record MTN-020 Laboratory MTN-020 MRC Site Clinicians MTN-020 Pharmacists MTN-020 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-020 Protocol Team MTN-020 Publication Calls MTN-020 Publications Committee MTN-020 QA/QC Team MTN-020 Qualitative Group MTN-020 Qualitative Management Team MTN-020 Qualitative Pub Committee MTN-020 Regulatory MTN-020 Safety MDs MTN-020 Site Clinicians MTN-020 South African Regulatory MTN-020 Study Coordinators MTN-020 Study Counselors MTN-020 Study Management Team
MTN-023/IPM 030 MTN-023/IPM 030 Pharmacists MTN-023/IPM 030 Protocol Team MTN-023/IPM 030 Publications Committee
MTN-024/IPM 031 MTN-024/IPM 031 CASI Troubleshooting MTN-024/IPM 031 IDI Troubleshooting MTN-024/IPM 031 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-024/IPM 031 Protocol Team MTN-024/IPM 031 Publications Committee MTN-024/IPM 031 Qualitative Management Team MTN-024/IPM 031 Safety MD MTN-024/IPM 031 Study Management Team
MTN-025 MTN-025 ACASI Team MTN-025 Adherence Working Group MTN-025 Community Working Group MTN-025 Investigators of Record MTN-025 Management Team MTN-025 Pharmacists MTN-025 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-025 Protocol Team MTN-025 Publications Committee MTN-025 Qualitative Management Team MTN-025 Qualitative Team MTN-025 Safety MDs MTN-025 SCHARP Data Summary Report MTN-025 South Africa Regulatory MTN-025 Study Coordinators MTN-025 Visit Efficiency Working Group
MTN-026 MTN-026 CASI Troubleshooting Team MTN-026 IDI Troubleshooting Team MTN-026 Leadership MTN-026 Management Team MTN-026 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-026 Protocol Team MTN-026 Publications Committee MTN-026 Safety MD MTN-026 SCHARP Data Summary Report
MTN-027 MTN-027 CASI Troubleshooting Team MTN-027 IDI Troubleshooting Team MTN-027 Management MTN-027 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-027 Protocol Team MTN-027 Publications Committee MTN-027 Safety MD MTN-027 SCHARP Data Summary Report
MTN-028 MTN-028 Management Team MTN-028 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-028 Protocol Team MTN-028 Publications Committee MTN-028 Safety MD MTN-028 SCHARP Data Summary Report
MTN-029/IPM 039 MTN-029/IPM 039 Protocol Team MTN-029/IPM 039 Publications Committee
MTN-030/IPM 041 MTN-030/IPM 041 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-030/IPM 041 Protocol Team MTN-030/IPM 041 Publications Committee MTN-030/IPM 041 Safety MD MTN-030/IPM 041 SCHARP Data Summary Report MTN-030/IPM 041 Study Management Team
MTN-032 MTN-032 Management Team MTN-032 Protocol Team MTN-032 Publications Committee MTN-032 Site Leadership, IoRs, SCs, and Others
MTN-033 MTN-033 CASI Troubleshooting MTN-033 IDI Troubleshooting Team MTN-033 Management MTN-033 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-033 Protocol Team MTN-033 Publications Committee MTN-033 Safety MD MTN-033 SCHARP Data Summary Report
MTN-034 MTN-034 ACASI Team MTN-034 Adherence Working Group MTN-034 Behavioral Research Working Group MTN-034 Clinical Issues MTN-034 Community Working Group MTN-034 Counselors MTN-034 Covid-19 Behavioral Tool Discussion Group MTN-034 DBS Results MTN-034 Investigators of Record MTN-034 Management Calls MTN-034 Management Team MTN-034 Pharmacists MTN-034 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-034 Protocol Team MTN-034 Publications Committee MTN-034 Qualitative Management Team MTN-034 RD Feedback MTN-034 Results Cape Town MTN-034 Results MU-JHU MTN-034 Results UZCHS MTN-034 Results WRHI MTN-034 Safety MDs MTN-034 Study Coordinators MTN-034 Study Leadership
MTN-035 MTN-035 CASI Troubleshooting MTN-035 Community Working Group MTN-035 IDI Troubleshooting MTN-035 Investigators of Record MTN-035 Management Team MTN-035 Pharmacists MTN-035 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-035 Protocol Team MTN-035 Publications Committee MTN-035 Qualitative Management Team MTN-035 Safety MDs MTN-035 SMS Team MTN-035 Study Coordinators
MTN-036/IPM 047 MTN-036/IPM 047 CASI Troubleshooting Team MTN-036/IPM 047 IDI Troubleshooting Team MTN-036/IPM 047 Management Team MTN-036/IPM 047 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-036/IPM 047 Protocol Team MTN-036/IPM 047 Publications Committee MTN-036/IPM 047 Safety MDs
MTN-037 MTN-037 IDI Troubleshooting Team MTN-037 Management Team MTN-037 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-037 Protocol Team MTN-037 Safety MDs MTN-037 Web-based Self Interview Team
MTN-038 MTN-038 CASI Troubleshooting MTN-038 IDI Team MTN-038 Management Team MTN-038 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-038 Protocol Team MTN-038 Safety MDs
MTN-039 MTN-039 CASI Troubleshooting MTN-039 Management Team MTN-039 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-039 Protocol Team MTN-039 Safety MDs
MTN-041 MTN-041 Community Working Group MTN-041 Management Team MTN-041 Protocol Team MTN-041 Publications Committee MTN-041 Screening Tracker MTN-041 Site Teams
MTN-042 MTN-042 Community Working Group MTN-042 IRP Planning Group MTN-042 Management Team MTN-042 Pharmacists MTN-042 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-042 Protocol Team MTN-042 Publications Committee MTN-042 Qualitative Management Team MTN-042 Safety MD MTN-042 Site Leadership
MTN-042B MTN-042B Management Team MTN-042B Protocol Team MTN-042B Publications Committee
MTN-043 MTN-043 Management Team MTN-043 Pharmacists MTN-043 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-043 Protocol Team MTN-043 Publications Committee MTN-043 Qualitative Management Team MTN-043 Safety MD MTN-043 Site Leadership
MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 Interviewer MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 Management Team MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 Protocol Development List MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 Protocol Safety Review Team MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 Publications Committee MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 Safety MD MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 SMS Troubleshooting
MTN-045 MTN-045 Data Management MTN-045 Management Team MTN-045 Protocol Team MTN-045 Publications Committee MTN-045 Qualitative MTN-045 Tracker