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Jeanna M. Piper, M.D.

DAIDS Senior Medical Officer

Primary email: piperj [at]
Primary phone: +1 240 292-4798
Fax: +1 301 402-3684


Mailing address

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, DAIDS
5601 Fishers Lane
Room 8B68, MSC 9831
Rockville, MD 20852
United States

Shipping Address

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, DAIDS
5601 Fishers Lane
Room 8B68, MSC 9831
Rockville, MD 20852
United States

Email Groups

MTN-001 Protocol Team (MTN-001)
MTN-002 Protocol Team (MTN-002)
MTN-003 Investigator Calls (MTN-003)
MTN-003 Investigators (MTN-003)
MTN-003 Publication Calls (MTN-003)
MTN-003 Publication Committee (MTN-003)
MTN-003B Protocol Team (MTN-003B)
MTN-003D Protocol Team Calls List (MTN-003D)
MTN-003D Publication Calls (MTN-003D)
MTN-003D Publication Committee (MTN-003D)
MTN-004 Protocol Team (MTN-004)
MTN-004 Publication Committee (MTN-004)
MTN-007 Protocol team (MTN-007)
MTN-007 Publications Committee (MTN-007)
MTN-008 Protocol Team (MTN-008)
MTN-011 Protocol Team (MTN-011)
MTN-014 Protocol Team (MTN-014)
MTN-015 Protocol Deviations (MTN-015)
MTN-015 Protocol Team (MTN-015)
MTN-015 Publications Email List (MTN-015)
MTN-016 Protocol Team (MTN-016)
MTN-016 Publications Committee (MTN-016)
MTN-017 Protocol Team (MTN-017)
MTN-017 Publications Committee (MTN-017)
MTN-017 Site Investigators (MTN-017)
MTN-026 Leadership (MTN-026)
MTN-026 Management Team (MTN-026)
MTN-026 Protocol Team (MTN-026)
MTN-026 Publications Committee (MTN-026)
MTN-027 Protocol Team (MTN-027)
MTN-027 Publications Committee (MTN-027)
MTN-028 Protocol Team (MTN-028)
MTN-028 Publications Committee (MTN-028)
MTN-029/IPM 039 Protocol Team (MTN-029/IPM 039)
MTN-030/IPM 041 Protocol Team (MTN-030/IPM 041)
MTN-033 Protocol Team (MTN-033)
MTN-033 Publications Committee (MTN-033)
MTN-034 Clinical Issues (MTN-034)
MTN-035 Management Team (MTN-035)
MTN-035 Protocol Team (MTN-035)
MTN-035 Publications Committee (MTN-035)
MTN-036/IPM 047 Protocol Team (MTN-036/IPM 047)
MTN-037 Management Team (MTN-037)
MTN-037 Protocol Team (MTN-037)
MTN-038 Management Team (MTN-038)
MTN-038 Protocol Team (MTN-038)
MTN-039 Management Team (MTN-039)
MTN-039 Protocol Team (MTN-039)
MTN-041 Management Team (MTN-041)
MTN-041 Protocol Team (MTN-041)
MTN-041 Publications Committee (MTN-041)
MTN-042 IRP Planning Group (MTN-042)
MTN-042 Management Team (MTN-042)
MTN-042 Protocol Team (MTN-042)
MTN-042 Publications Committee (MTN-042)
MTN-042B Management Team (MTN-042B)
MTN-042B Protocol Team (MTN-042B)
MTN-042B Publications Committee (MTN-042B)
MTN-043 Management Team (MTN-043)
MTN-043 Protocol Team (MTN-043)
MTN-043 Publications Committee (MTN-043)
MTN-045 Management Team (MTN-045)
MTN-045 Protocol Team (MTN-045)
MTN-045 Publications Committee (MTN-045)
MTN-045 Qualitative (MTN-045)


MTN-001 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-002 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-003 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-003-P01 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-003B (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-003D (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-004 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-007 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-008 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-011 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-014 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-015 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-016 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-017 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-018 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-018B (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-018C (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-019 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-026 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-027 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-028 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-029/IPM 039 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-030/IPM 041 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-033 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-036/IPM 047 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-037 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-038 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-039 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-041 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-042 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-042B (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-044/IPM 053/CCN019 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
MTN-045 (DAIDS Medical Officer)
RMP-02/MTN-006 (DAIDS Medical Officer)