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Ages and Stages Questionnaires
ASQ 2 Month (Download) 2019-11-04329.74 KB
ASQ 3 - Activities for Infants 1-16 Months (Download) 2019-11-22125.4 KB
ASQ 3 - Overall Questions (Download) 2019-11-2260.94 KB
ASQ 4 Month (Download) 2019-11-04336.19 KB
ASQ 6 Month (Download) 2019-11-04389.36 KB
Contraceptive Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2019-10-1853 KB
HIV Pre/Post Test & STI Risk Reduction Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2019-10-1859.5 KB
MTN-042 and MTN-043 Counseling Manual (Download) 2019-10-09244.65 KB
MTN-042 and MTN-043 Pill Counseling Flip Chart (Download) 2019-09-261.8 MB
MTN-042 and MTN-043 Ring Counseling Flip Chart (Download) 2019-09-261.88 MB
Eligibility Tools
Enrollment Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2019-09-20205.77 KB
Sample Informed Consent Comprehension Assessment (ICCA) (Download) 2019-09-1936.42 KB
Screening Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2019-09-20216.91 KB
Lab/Sample Collection
MTN Laboratory Center HIV Testing Notification & Query Form (Download) 2016-04-1326.82 KB
Qualitative Component
In-Depth Interview Guide (Download) 2019-11-01178.63 KB
Regulatory/FD Documents
Financial Disclosure Form (Download) 2019-09-1754.7 KB
Financial Disclosure Form for Protocol Chair (Download) 2019-09-1754.59 KB
SOP Templates
MTN-042/MTN-043 Clinic Study Product Accountability and Destruction (non-pharmacy) (Download) 2019-10-2447.74 KB
Safety/Clinical/Product Use Management
MTN-042/043 PSRT Query Form (Download) 2019-10-1443.84 KB
Tablet Use Instructions (Download) 2019-09-30773.84 KB
Vaginal Ring Use Instructions (Download) 2019-09-30816.55 KB
Study Education/Prescreening Tools
Breast Milk Expression Guide (Download) 2019-11-18971.41 KB
Breastfeeding Support Resource (Download) 2019-11-18768.07 KB
Breastfeeding Support Resource (Printer Friendly) (Download) 2019-11-18767.12 KB
Feeding Expressed Breast Milk Fact Sheet (Download) 2019-11-18127.72 KB
Feeding Expressed Breast Milk Fact Sheet (Printer Friendly) (Download) 2019-11-18129.4 KB
MTN-042/MTN-043 Study Enrollment Decision Tool Instructions (Download) 2019-10-30191.8 KB
MTN-042/MTN-043 Study Enrollment Decision Tool Worksheet (Download) 2019-10-30134.02 KB
Pros and Cons Exercise Demonstration Video (Download) 2019-10-3119.11 KB
Provider Guide Template (Download) 2019-10-17939.11 KB
Study Overview Factsheet (Download) 2019-10-23313.82 KB
Study Products Factsheet (Download) 2019-10-23520.32 KB
Study Product Logs
MTN-042/043 Off-Site Visit Log (Download) 2019-10-23166.29 KB
MTN-042/MTN-042 Clinical Vaginal Ring Destruction Log (Download) 2019-10-23167.64 KB
MTN-042/MTN-043 Participant-Specific Clinic Study Product Accountability Log (Download) 2019-10-23209.47 KB