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MTN-045 Study-Specific Procedures Manual (Download) 2019-11-122.04 MB
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Overview and Control Document – Version History and Notice of Changes (Download) 2019-11-12607.57 KB
Table of Contents - Current Sections (Download) 2019-11-1255.35 KB
Section 01: Introduction (Download) 2019-11-12138.94 KB
Section 02: Documentation Requirements (Download) 2019-11-12187.43 KB
Section 03: Accrual, Eligibility Determination and Study Procedures (Download) 2019-11-12445.88 KB
Section 04: Informed Consent (Download) 2019-11-12249.74 KB
Section 05: Safety and Counseling Considerations (Download) 2019-11-12214.13 KB
Section 06: Data Collection and Management (Download) 2019-11-12699.3 KB
Section 07: Data Communiqués (Download) 2019-11-12128.76 KB