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REACH (Reversing the Epidemic in Africa with Choices in HIV prevention, or MTN-034) is a study that seeks to understand the HIV prevention needs and preferences of adolescent girls and young women, who are among those at highest risk of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.


Two different approaches will be evaluated in REACH -- the dapivirine vaginal ring, which is used for a month at a time; and an oral tablet called Truvada taken daily, a regimen often referred to as PrEP. The study will evaluate how adolescent girls and young women use these approaches and their preferences for either or both. REACH will also collect information on the safety of the dapivirine ring and daily PrEP.


The study will involve approximately 300 girls and young women ages 16-21 and will be conducted at five sites in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe. 


Emavundleni (EMA) Clinical Research Site

14 Sonwabile Road

Old Crossroads

Cape Town

7750, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 650 5869


Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute (Wits RHI) Research Center

7 Esselen Street

Hillbrow, Johannesburg

2001, South Africa

Tel: +27 11 358 5424


Makerere University - Johns Hopkins University (MU-JHU) Research Collaboration CRS

Upper Mulago Hill Road



Tel: +256 414-541044


Spilhaus Clinical Research Site

Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council

Harare Hospital Grounds, Highfield Road

Southerton, Harare


Tel: +263-4-252299 / 7911374


KEMRI/CDC KISUMU Clinical Research Site

Off Kakamega Road,

P.O. Box 1578-40100



Tel: +25 47 39246650

or +25 47 99946432



Watch this video if you want to learn more about REACH:

REACH video


REACH is a study of the Microbicide Trials Network, and is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.