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Lessons from PrEP: A Qualitative Study Investigating How Clinical and Policy Experts Weigh Ethics and Evidence When Evaluating Preventive Medications for Use in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

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Barriers and Facilitators to Oral PrEP Use Among Transgender Women in New York City

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Short Message Service (SMS) Surveys Assessing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Adherence and Sexual Behavior are Highly Acceptable Among HIV-Uninfected Members of Serodiscordant Couples in East Africa: A Mixed Methods Study

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Rectal Douching Associated with Receptive Anal Intercourse: A Literature Review

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Challenges and solutions implementing an SMS text message-based survey CASI and adherence reminders in an international biomedical HIV PrEP study (MTN 017)

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Brief Participant-Centered Convergence Interviews Integrate Self-Reports, Product Returns, and Pharmacokinetic Results to Improve Adherence Measurement in MTN-017

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Mixed-Method Evaluation of Social Media-Based Tools and Traditional Strategies to Recruit High-Risk and Hard-to-Reach Populations into an HIV Prevention Intervention Study

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Preference of Oral Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate/Emtricitabine Versus Rectal Tenofovir Reduced-Glycerin 1% Gel Regimens for HIV Prevention Among Cisgender Men and Transgender Women Who Engage in Receptive Anal Intercourse with Men

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Are participants concerned about privacy and security when using short message service to report product adherence in a rectal microbicide trial?

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