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February 10-13, 2019

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The MTN 2019 Annual Meeting was held February 10-13, 2019, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott located at 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia.  Presentations from the plenary sessions of the meeting are posted below.

MTN 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda (Download) 2019-02-0187.12 KB
MTN Study Summaries (Download) 2019-01-29412.33 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 1
01: BAETEN/HILLIER: Welcome and State of the Network (Download) 2019-02-112.27 MB
02: BROWN: The Ring: How Good is it if You Use It? (Download) 2019-02-1143.59 KB
03: PALANEE-PHILLIPS/MGODI: Lessons from HOPE (Download) 2019-02-111.22 MB
04: WARREN: What’s New; What’s Next A Quick Overview of the Px Pipeline (Download) 2019-02-113.31 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 2
01: PINTYE: Landscape of PrEP in Pregnancy (Download) 2019-02-112.46 MB
02: BUNGE: MTN-042 (DELIVER) (Download) 2019-02-111.4 MB
03: BALKUS/NOGUCHI: B-Protected (MTN-043) (Download) 2019-02-112.65 MB
04: BALAN: Counseling for Cause (Download) 2019-02-11933.12 KB
Presentations from Plenary Session 3
01: HIGHTOW-WEIDMAN: Prevention for Youth 2.0 (Download) 2019-02-122.87 MB
02: SEIDMAN: Addressing Challenges of Persistence Without Undermining Autonomy (Download) 2019-02-121.26 MB
03: NAIR/NGURE: The REACH Study (MTN-034) (Download) 2019-02-121.35 MB
Presentations from Plenary Session 4
01: HENDRIX: The Case for On Demand Topical PrEP: Maintaining Options to Optimize CHOICE (Download) 2019-02-121.55 MB
02: BAUERMEISTER: What will DESIRE (MTN-035) Teach Us? (Download) 2019-02-122.61 MB
03: DOWNS: Decision Science: How Do People Make Choices? (Download) 2019-02-12465.23 KB
04: HILLIER/BAETEN: Closing and Award Ceremony (Download) 2019-02-12740.87 KB