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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on most everyone around the world. Our experience as a global society is truly unprecedented. MTN’s mission is focused on evaluating methods for protecting against HIV, particularly in those most vulnerable to infection. Now, more than ever, the safety of study participants – and of site staff and study teams – is what matters most. MTN leadership has decided to pause screening and enrollment for all studies. Where feasible, those studies still following participants will take extra precautions to help ensure their safe participation in this new environment as well as enable the collection of data vital to study completion. During this ever-changing situation, MTN will do everything we can to support and guide site staff and provide updates to community members as they become available.

For general resources on COVID-19

For resources on COVID-19 and HIV

Please see urgent documents listed below regarding the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on MTN studies.

Communication from Sharon Hillier and Jared Baeten (Download) 2020-03-1889.88 KB
Impact on MTN Studies (Download) 2020-03-18156.63 KB
Guidance from DAIDS (Download) 2020-03-13105.98 KB