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This meeting was held on September 4-5, 2014, in Rockville, MD.  Presentations from this meeting are listed below.

CAMLIN: Linking migration, mobility and HIV risk among young African women: the role of transactional sex (Download) 2014-09-041.21 MB
CELUM: Relationships & HIV Prevention: Lessons learned from research with African HIV serodiscordant couples (Download) 2014-09-047.86 MB
CLARK: The Impact of Families on Young Women’s Sexual Behaviors (Download) 2014-09-04854.96 KB
CORNELI: FEM-PrEP: Risk Perception and Perception of Partnerships (Download) 2014-09-042.18 MB
HALLMAN: Young Women, Economic Assets and HIV (Download) 2014-09-04253.55 KB
MARIOandESTHER: How MTV Shuga is Promoting Positive Behaviour Change in Young Nigerian Women (Download) 2014-09-0474.44 MB
MCNEIL: Understanding the Relationship between Knowledge and Experience in Rural SA: Lessons for Biomedical Interventions (Download) 2014-09-042.09 MB
SIKKEMA: Addressing Mental Health in HIV Prevention and Treatment Research (Download) 2014-09-042.14 MB
STADLER: Networks of infection in rural South Africa: Implications for HIV Prevention (Download) 2014-09-04852.01 KB
TURAN: Effects of stigma on HIV prevention behaviors and uptake of health services (Download) 2014-09-04529.97 KB
VAN DER STRATEN: Contextual influences on product preference: Lessons from MTN studies (Download) 2014-09-041.41 MB